Open up your room with bifold doors

Bifold doors are a great way to instantly upgrade your home because of their ability to open up a room to the outside. By flooding a room with light, they help to give the illusion of increased space and height, improving wellbeing while also enabling you to enjoy your outdoor space from the inside.

Bifold doors are made using a series of panels that fold up adjacent to the wall in a concertina fashion. They pull open from the centre, in one instant motion, eliminating the rattling sound made by most doors.

Introducing Räum Gleiten 68 bifold doors

Räum Gleiten 68 is an affordable style of aluminium bifold doors. This specific bifolding door solution opens up with ease, shuts airtight, and the sleek contemporary finish makes them worth every penny.

If you are remodelling your house, you can use them in place of existing French doors, patio doors or even add them to an existing wall to create a new access area. Available in combinations of two to seven panels, these doors can create an entryway as long as 7m.

The versatility of these doors means they can be installed in various ways, depending on your specifications. One common configuration is to have them set up in all-right or left-hand slide openings, or with two doors sliding in the same direction with a hinged door to create trouble-free access to the outside without fully opening the doors.

The Räum Gleiten 68 is one of the easiest bifold door systems to install as the new adjustable side profile, as well as the adjustable jambs, makes it possible to fit the door on site quickly.

Key features and specifications

With thermal protection of 1.8W/m2K and outstanding wind, air and water resistance of up to 600pa, plus the ability to accommodate glazing thickness between 12mm and 55mm in addition to triple glazing, these Raum bifold doors can help create a snug interior that still affords you great views of the outside.

Bifolds are also available in three colours – black, white and grey – which means you can find them in a style to suit your home. To find out more about how bifold doors could open up your home to the outside, get in touch at BDS Windows and Doors today.

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