What does being FENSA Registered mean for our customers?

Replacing your windows and doors is an expensive outlay so obviously we know our customers want assurance that the service they are getting is good quality and will last for many years.

Being FENSA registered provides that assurance.

When you use a FENSA registered window and door fitter you can be certain that they are complying with building regulations, they are registered with the local council and use energy efficient products which is an important factor in the modern ecology minded world.

The FENSA certificate covers the replacement of windows and doors including roof windows and roof lights. These will comply with building regulations if the addition of windows and doors does not change the original footprint of your home.

However, customers need to be aware that this registration does not cover new builds, extensions, repairs, conservatories, porches or commercial properties.

Using a FENSA registered installer saves you, the customer, time and effort. If there is no FENSA certificate, you would be responsible for getting the work registered and inspected by the local council. If building control find any problems it will be your responsibility to get the work rectified – either by getting the same installer back or hiring a new fitter.

This process can be expensive, so you need to ensure if you use a non-FENSA registered company they factor into the quote, work to rectify non-compliance issues.

If you wanted to sell your property on, you would need to provide proof that the windows and doors are compliant. Work carried out by a FENSA certified fitter meets these requirements.

It is, therefore, recommended to hire a FENSA registered professional like the team at BDS Windows and Doors. We can help you replace your windows and doors to the highest standard and quality with the assurance they are all within building regulations.

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