The best ways to maintain your fascias and soffits

At face value, the only role of fascias and soffits is their ability to make your home look attractive. However, they are also integral in maintaining the structure of your roof. They help to prevent water damage and damp that would otherwise result in a hefty bill. As it is important to be aware of how to maintain the fascias and soffits in your home, here is some advice to help ensure that they function effectively.

Repaint and assess for rot

One indication of damage to fascias and soffits is the discovery of peeling or flaking paint. To maintain your roof structure, this should be repainted. However, it is also important to check for any signs of rot or damp before repainting, as any serious damage may require professional help.

Repair leaky gutters

Blockages often get the blame for causing a leaking gutter, but they may also be an indication that your fascia is not working as it should. In order to establish the cause, regularly clean out your gutters. If they continue to leak, you may need to consider getting the fascia replaced to avoid damage.

Check for holes

If you have discovered holes in your fascias and soffits, they will be ineffective and need to be repaired where possible. You may also find that animals have begun to nest in the roof, which is another indication that the structure of your roof is weakening.

As fascias and soffits have a 10-year lifespan, it is important to recognise when they need replacing due to the damage that they may cause to your home. If you need an expert in fascias and soffits in the Swindon area to assess your property, contact BDS Windows and Doors. We provide the best level of protection for your home thanks to our high-quality materials and years of experience.

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