How new windows can help you and your energy bills

Replacement windows and doors not only look great and add value to your property, but they can also help to reduce energy bills. In fact, the latest energy efficient glass and frames are one of the most cost-effective ways of insulating your home and reducing your energy costs.

How energy efficient windows help to reduce heat loss

The latest state of the art double and triple glazed frames are constructed using air pockets which create a barrier to prevent heat from transferring outside. On some windows, the void between the glass is filled with Argon gas which further helps to reduce heat convection and conduction.

The energy efficient glass installed in the latest windows is also coated with a special film which helps to reflect electromagnetic radiation at different wavelengths. This ensures more heat will be reflected back into your home rather than escaping outside. Together these two elements help to reduce heat loss and prevent condensation build-up.

How much will you save installing new energy efficient windows?

This is a common question which is difficult to answer because it depends on the size of the property, the windows currently installed and what heating system you have. However, as a general rule guide, replacing old single glazed units with the latest energy efficient ones will save an average 3-bedroom detached home around £120 a year according to the Energy Saving Trust.

Are all replacement windows the same?

There are many different types of double glazing out there and they don’t all provide the same level of energy efficiency and insulation. Technological enhancements are also happening all the time which means windows manufactured as little as five years ago will not be as energy efficient as those manufactured today.

To help consumers make the right choice, all replacement windows and doors must have an energy efficiency rating. The scale goes from A++ to G-, but to comply with building regulations a rating of C or above is required. All windows installed by BDS Windows and Doors are rated at A.

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